How the Changette will benefit you, your baby and your life


Keep your baby safe and free of infection. You’ll never have to change your little one on a dirty public change table again. Scientific research has proven that public change tables harbor antibiotic -resistant bacteria, flesh eating streptococcus and very contagious viruses. Avoid having your baby and belongings come into contact with these contaminated surfaces or you will certainly bring these microorganisms home with you.


For you and your baby. Roll your stroller into a quiet area and change your baby in peaceful privacy. Lay your baby on a stable and secure surface made specifically to facilitate changing your baby. The Changette attaches to your stroller at a comfortable height, allowing you to change your baby with ease.


Change your baby’s diaper anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days of changing your baby on the ground, a park bench or in your vehicle. Now you can change your baby quickly and easily anywhere you can bring your stroller. The Changette is lightweight and folds for easy storage under your stroller.


The Changette has been designed and tested to safely support children up to 35 lbs. The unique stroller attachment system with locking mechanism holds the change table securely in place.


The Changette is specifically designed to work with various stroller brands. With an adjustable width and available adapters, we wanted to ensure that every family can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary portable change table!